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Discussion in 'Known issues' started by Zak, Jan 5, 2017.

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    So, just a heads up for you guys, since we got some reported bugs already (thanks for the fast report, by the way)!

    - Sign texts getting stuck on the screen.
    To fix it, all you have to do is leave from the world and enter in it again, but the developers are already working on a fix for that. (thanks for the screenshot, @Sinner!)

    - Options menu showing empty. (Thanks for the image, @Triangle!)

    - Some "Planets" in the main menu are missing, could be only one or more. (Thanks for the report, @migo!)

    - Sometimes when you are trading or accessing the game options, the background does not get darker resulting in this MADNESS (thanks for the image @CJX_PW):

    - Tiny (and cute) texts (thanks again @Sinner):

    - If you found one of the listed bugs here, just wait. Our developers are working on it already!
    - If you found something new, please, just post it here on this thread!

    And thank you guys for being AWESOME!
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    Updated on January 7th, 2017.
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