A list of worlds featured as WOTW

Discussion in 'World showcase' started by SoulVaderz, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. SoulVaderz

    SoulVaderz Active Member

    So here is a detailed list of worlds that have achieved the WOTW position so far in the game currently; Once again, congratulations to all WOTW winners!
    1. MAZE
    Owner: Kukouri
    Theme tags: Adventure, Parkour

    Owner: Daydrian
    Theme tags: Adventure, Parkour, Story

    Owner: mag
    Theme tags: Adventure, Guide

    Owner: Pikalugia
    Theme tags: Adventure, Parkour, Story

    Owner: Mstar
    Theme tags: Parkour, Adventure

    Owner: karlpit
    Theme tags: Adventure, Story, Parkour

    [To be updated]
    *If anyone notices that the list isn't updated prior to the latest announced WOTW winner, please don't hesitate to post a reminder here and tag my forums name along with it; I'll edit the list accordingly as soon as possible. Thank you for your help and contribution!
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  2. Ugurss

    Ugurss Active Member

    Maze was the only world when it got chosen as wotw. (I THINK)
  3. Acrystic

    Acrystic Active Member

    Nice, maybe add a small description of what the world is about? That'd be cool. ;)
  4. SoulVaderz

    SoulVaderz Active Member

    I'll try to, though I'm really bad at writing descriptions and expressions of my perspective of things.
  5. FIRE

    FIRE Well-Known Member

    WOTW is such a big deal. Congrats to @DAYDRIAN for getting his first WOTW and be the first player(not developer) to be able to earn WOTW. Great list of WOTW and keep it updated so others can go back and check these worlds out for inspiration.
  6. SoulVaderz

    SoulVaderz Active Member

    @Jimi @Pikalugia
    Can you help me move this into the World showcase sub-forum please? Thanks.
  7. Pikalugia

    Pikalugia Moderator Staff Member

    Moved to World Showcase
  8. Jimi

    Jimi Moderator Staff Member

    KUKOURI was first wotw if i remember right. Or it were atleast at first 3 hours at open beta. :)
  9. SoulVaderz

    SoulVaderz Active Member

    Thanks for notifying me. The world doesn't have any content in it though; Just an advertisement for the forums. So... I'm not sure if I should include it in this list. What do you think?
  10. Jimi

    Jimi Moderator Staff Member

    Well you dont have to put it here if you dont want :)
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  11. CheaPies

    CheaPies Active Member

    Good List
  12. SoulVaderz

    SoulVaderz Active Member

    Thread updated.
    Congratulations to @Mag for winning the WOTW position with his world STOPDONTSCAM this week!
  13. Mag

    Mag Well-Known Member

    Thank you! :D
  14. SoulVaderz

    SoulVaderz Active Member

    Thread updated.
    Congratulations to @Pikalugia for winning this week's WOTW position with his fun-packed christmas-themed world!
  15. SoulVaderz

    SoulVaderz Active Member

    Thread updated.
    Congratulations to @MstarPW for winning the WOTW this week with his world COLORBLOCKS, featuring his exquisite usage of colour blocks as the primary blocks for the design/theme of the world!
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  16. TASTIC

    TASTIC Well-Known Member

    Nice list man hope you can keep it updated for a long time very useful
  17. benn

    benn Active Member

    You can add SCIFIVENTURE in there. The owner of the world is karlpit.
  18. Ovid

    Ovid Active Member

    It didn't won cause it needed checkpoints
  19. benn

    benn Active Member

    He did won
  20. ROOTED

    ROOTED Active Member


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