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  1. Pixel Worlds Support

    Pixel Worlds Support Administrator Staff Member

    Meet the admins and mods. We are here to help and do our best.


    Commander_K (Admin) [ @Commander_K ]
    Easy to spot as he's the only one in whole Pixel Worlds who has blue power armor. IG: commander_k_pw

    Dimos (Admin) [ @dimos ]
    The Greek guy himself who decided to defy the legendary Finnish winter! Maybe Leonidas would have beaten the Persians if he had visors. Not active, last seen in Greece.

    Jake (Admin) [ @Jake ]
    Everyone knows Jake! He's the always positive Youtubing, Streaming, Instagramming community manager who will see you, in Pixel Worlds!

    MidnightWalker (Admin) [ @MidnightWalker ]
    Shrouded in mystery.

    Pixel Worlds Support (Admin) [ @Pixel Worlds Support ]
    First artificial intelligence in Pixel Worlds.

    Unelias (Admin) [ @Unelias ]
    Best known as the admin sloth. We are not sure if the avatar is a picture of her IRL or not.

    Zak (Retired Admin) [ @Zak ]
    Cool dude from Brazil who has many years of experience a community manager. He rocks!
    He stepped down from working for Kukouri [4/14/2017]. Not active, last seen shooting the walking dead.


    Freak (Forum/Wikia Moderator) [ @Freak ]
    An awesome husky pup who helps taking care of the official Pixel Worlds Wikia. Promoted as a Forum Moderator during July

    Jimi (In-Game Moderator) [ @Jimi ]
    One of the first players in Pixel Worlds since the beta. Helpful, positive and active member in-game.

    Pikalugia (Forum Moderator) [ @Pikalugia ]
    Very active member of the community both in-game and in the forum. Likes to help others and owns a world suited for new beginners. Not sure why he becomes a horse now
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  2. Zak

    Zak Well-Known Member

    Quqqo (Twitch Stream Moderator) [ @Quqqo ]
    With a lot of enthusiasm and punctuality, Quqqo is responsible for keeping our live streams clean and friendly!

    Sorsa (In-Game Moderator) [ @Sorsa ]
    From a very active player to an In-Game Mod, he helps every single one he finds in his way. Also, he has a great pink mustache.

    Kuukkaruukku (In-Game Moderator) [ @KUKKARUUKKU ]
    Stylish and friendly. Because everybody needs a stylish friend, right? She is incredibly kind, but when needed she has the fierce of a thousand ninja tigers.

    xSHANEx (In-Game/Forums Moderator) [ @xSHANEx ]
    Shane is our first moderator from the U.S! He is friendly, helpful and trustworthy, so don't hesitate to contact him if you have a problem in the game!

    ColdUnwanted (Wikia Moderator) [ @ColdUnwanted ]
    Super helpful, well-organized and very clever. Plus, he is very active in the game and in the Wikia! We couldn't just let this awesome dude pass by!

    Pixelworlds avatar.jpg
    Music (In-Game Moderator) [ @Music ]
    He has been playing Pixel Worlds since day 1 so he knows literally everything about the game! Also, he knows Karate!

    Norman (INACTIVE > TEMP) [ @Norman ]
    He has the energy and strength of a million potatoes. And that's exactly what our team needs!

    Seaf (Forum Moderator) [ @SEAF ]
    He had created a lot of helpful and useful threads even before we announced the Mod Application. We are very happy to have him by our side!

    Nenkai (Youtube Stream Moderator) [ @Nenkai ]
    Well known helper for the Stream. Nenkai is a Youtube Stream Moderator. Always there in every time Jake Streams!

    Gracekelly (In-Game Moderator) [ @gracekelly ]
    A player that we trust. He is from the United States as well!

    Kissax (Twitch Stream Moderator) [ @Kissax ]
    A great Twitch Moderator. Always ready to moderate every time Jake started the Pixel Worlds Stream.

    Invalid (In-Game Moderator) [ @Invalid ]
    So valid he's invalid!
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