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  1. Pixel Worlds Support

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    Meet the admins and mods. We are here to help and do our best.


    Commander_K (Admin)
    Easy to spot as he's the only one in whole Pixel Worlds who has blue power armor.

    Dimos (Admin)
    The Greek guy himself who decided to defy the legendary Finnish winter! Maybe Leonidas would have beaten the Persians if he had visors.

    Jake (Admin)
    Everyone knows Jake! He's the always positive youtubing, streaming, instagramming community manager who will see you, in Pixel Worlds!

    MidnightWalker (Admin)
    Shrouded in mystery.

    Pixel Worlds Support (Admin)
    Need to contact an admin directly? Send private message to Pixel Worlds Support.

    Unelias (Admin)
    Best known as the admin sloth. We are not sure if the avatar is a picture of her IRL or not.

    Zak (Admin)
    Cool dude from Brazil who has many years of experience as community manager. He rocks!


    Freak (Wikia Moderator)
    An awesome husky pup who helps taking care of the official Pixel Worlds Wikia.

    Jimi (Forum Moderator)
    One of the first players in Pixel Worlds since the beta. Helpful, positive and active member ingame who is also moderating here at the forum.

    Pikalugia (Forum Moderator)
    Very active member of the community both ingame and in the forum. Likes to help others and working on a newbeginners World.
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