BBB Nerf idea!

Discussion in 'Ideas & Feature requests' started by Pro, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Pro

    Pro Well-Known Member

    BBB is still profitable. i think old nerf is not enough. BBB is losing value everyday. [180 per wl now].

    If we drop getting seed chance , bbb will be hard to farm. bbb will be get more value. price is gonna rise (100-50 per wl block)

    Also trees are giving so much block (1-8 + seeds)... 1-5 block per tree is good for BBB's future.
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    ROOTED Well-Known Member

    BBB is too nerfed, 10 hits would be good.
  3. Gosh

    Gosh Active Member

    8 hits would he fair.

    ROOTED Well-Known Member

    ikr each day I spend more than 5hrs farming BBB alone until now I don't even feel like farming anymore xD
  5. Fast

    Fast Well-Known Member

    How is price gonna rice when its hard to farm

    ROOTED Well-Known Member

    bbb is gonna drop even more if more nerf comes
  7. Yus

    Yus Well-Known Member

  8. Gosh

    Gosh Active Member

    You're mentally retarded that will crash the economy
  9. Hinter

    Hinter Well-Known Member

    I am sure there is another blocks to farm,
    But comon, people have reached level 100 without saying anything about nerf (maybe some said)
  10. Fiber

    Fiber Active Member

    If its 1-5 blocks,I dont think its farmable anymore,or at the worst case its hardly farmable so people will leave it

    Jake already said,the developers will add more hits for bbb if theres an equipment that reduces hits for breaking blocks(maybe pickaxe)
  11. iMaster

    iMaster Active Member

    No dont neft bbb anymore just make less hits to break it
  12. Yus

    Yus Well-Known Member

    I own the world which leads the economy, also watch out about your leangue please.
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  13. KzAwesome

    KzAwesome Member

    Oh man bbb now so hard to break like can we reduce the number of hits to break
  14. Simple

    Simple Active Member

    I don't even get why BBB was nerfed in the first place. That was the only way that people without paying money could get kinda rich. And others are saying that BBB could've ruin the economy oh hell nah, The vip grand prizes ruin the economy instead, For example if ur startin the game without paying u would need so many days to earn 50 wls, And them bam if u get the golden sword from vip daily u get rich already.
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  15. kanekiKen

    kanekiKen Active Member

  16. Pest

    Pest Active Member

    ^^ I agree ^^

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