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Discussion in 'Items' started by Pixel Worlds Support, Dec 15, 2016.

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    Booster Pack rarities were introduced in the Xmas Update on 15th Dec. 2016

    What rarity means is that some items in the Booster have smaller chance of getting rolled as one of the three items you get when you buy the Booster.

    The specific rarities for common, rare and ultra rare items vary between Booster Packs as some Boosters have more items than others.

    The rarities has been updated on the Easter Update on 12th April, 2017. Now the existing Rarities are Common, Uncommon, Rare, Ultra Rare, and Legendary

    This rarity applies only to Boosters. Items that players have do not have any set rarity as that would be impossible to determine because in Portal Worlds players create the economy themselves by bringing more items into the world.
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  2. Zimm

    Zimm Active Member

    :) nice man! I like it
  3. Simple

    Simple Active Member

    I wonder what % does rare and ultra rare have?
  4. Yus

    Yus Well-Known Member

    Woah, cool! Im actually pretty luck then, i've got the Horns ( UR ) :0
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  5. builderBOY

    builderBOY Well-Known Member

    Could you be as kind as to tell us the percentage for an Ultra Rare item.
  6. Picasso

    Picasso Active Member

    Amazing" everyone, the percent varies due to each pack having a different amount of items.
  7. Gimili

    Gimili Well-Known Member

    Rare 50%
    Ultra rare 20%

  8. SuperPrinny

    SuperPrinny Active Member

    Pretty sure this isn't true.
  9. Yus

    Yus Well-Known Member

    Pretty sure this isn't isn't true true
  10. Simple

    Simple Active Member

    false info right there
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  11. Gimili

    Gimili Well-Known Member

    Sorry im not good at guessing rates :(
  12. benn

    benn Well-Known Member

    Um.. We requested for exact rates from the game staff themselves. Would be better if you if you just keep your guesses to yourself and not give others false information. Wait for the game staff to decide whether they would want to release the percentages.
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  13. Gimili

    Gimili Well-Known Member

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  14. ExactlyPW

    ExactlyPW Member

    Hmm.. will there ever be a rarity higher than Ultra Rare?
  15. Meliodas_

    Meliodas_ Active Member

    If there was it might be legendary :0
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  16. karlpit

    karlpit Well-Known Member

    And it has a green instead of purple :0
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    VOLCANITE Well-Known Member

  18. Ipixeliz

    Ipixeliz New Member

    Maybe Light Orange?
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  19. xPhoenix

    xPhoenix Member

    Good luck with your booster packs!
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  20. Fjw_pw

    Fjw_pw New Member

    It's only fair. Hope you get good luck with boosters!
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