Demon Wings Giveaway! [ClOSED]

Discussion in 'Giveaways' started by Dokornoth, Jan 10, 2017.

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  1. Dokornoth

    Dokornoth Well-Known Member

    Yes,i am hosting ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!!!
    1st Place: Demon Wings
    2nd place: Pixie Wings
    3rd place:Sci fi background

    All you need to do is:

    1)State why you love portal worlds and how can you help its less fortunate community.
    2)Like this thread and follow me :D
    3)Waffels or Pancakes

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  2. Badgodzilla

    Badgodzilla Well-Known Member

    I love Pw becouse has nice peoples and all halps alot.
    And #waffels
  3. fangurl

    fangurl Active Member

    I love portal worlds because of the nice players, mods and devs. Also, because this game is addicting and i just love the graphics. I can help the less fortunate community by guiding and giving them advises.
  4. BuggyClown

    BuggyClown Well-Known Member

    i like portal worlds because of the farming but temporary im cant connect to my main farmworld...
    asking for likes and follows are not allowed.

    i dont care which one tbh., which ever im in the mood for.
  5. trde

    trde Well-Known Member

    I love portal worlds because it a good game with a awesome warm heared community. I would help the less fortunate community by giving them, clothes, blocks, and more to get them started off with the game.
    Waffles, Waffles always.
  6. Neoslayer

    Neoslayer Well-Known Member

    I like Portal Worlds because it is like Growtopia but it is in beta, and it is like it is restarting, refreshing the game.
    I get to experience new people, new forums and watch the game evolve all over again.
    I could contribute to the community by suggesting my ideas and art for the game and the ideas that the community makes.
    Also, in-game I do giveaways every day in my world PUNCHES.
    I like waffles AND "waffels" waffels are stroopwaffels which do not need syrup. Also, some waffles can have the same material as pancakes and taste just like them, and they hold the syrup for less messes.
    Also, farming is so fun in this game

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  7. Apa Yaa

    Apa Yaa Well-Known Member

    I love portalworlds, because i love it, problem ? Haha jk, i just found the community and things are better in here, but it doesnt change the fact that i love growtopia.wanna make the world a better place ? So be it

    Pancakes extra cheese
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  8. Meliodas_

    Meliodas_ Active Member

    1.I luv Portals world becuase It Has many Caringbpeople in the community Not like Any other game For example [Growtopia]
    ^^Mostly people scams etc.To help it out I think we should Ask New Players to Check the forums out To see This loving Community :)
    Ps.Asking for likes is Bad...Unelias already said.
    Followed btw.
    3.Both.Becuase WHY NOT :')
  9. Bulina

    Bulina Well-Known Member

    I love portal worlds because it's a co game and has a cool comunity. I can help this comunity by giving guides, helping others. Pancakes but with nuttela or somrthing.
  10. Skurrf

    Skurrf Active Member

    I like this game because the community is awesome and because I like fluffy fire breathing baby dragons
    I like both waffles and pancakes too :D
    I hope I win demon wings T^T
  11. Touji

    Touji Member

    I like pw becouse its more interesting then growtopia Ps Waffles :3
  12. Demonilee

    Demonilee Member

    Portal worlds is like a "LEGO". Any individuals are welcomed to create, develop and make friends here. They can learn to be a hoster, trader, farmer and many more. This encourages, that there are alot of opportunities in game to express your talents.

    I prefer chocolates than waffles and pancakes. Add it on the list :p
  13. Tyler

    Tyler Well-Known Member

    1. I love Portal Worlds, because it has an amazing community, and an insanely creative staff team that are working on implementing great features that help the gameplay.
    2. Done :D
    3. Waffles! ;)
  14. iArash

    iArash Well-Known Member

    Well, I can state that I love Portal Worlds because of the Community. We all as one, having fun with one another, sharing jokes, you name it. Maybe just also to ask doubts, whether in-game or something IRL, you name it.

    I personally feel that we can help the new by welcoming them into our Community. As slight 'welcome' and/or 'hi' can shape into something that can only be earned; trust. From trust, we all will help more!

    Waffles or pancakes, I'd say waffles, cause I eat waffles more.
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  15. TripleH

    TripleH Active Member

    1)I love portal Worlds because it's about Helping , Teaming , Finding Friends And The community is awesome It helps us About new information.
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  16. Blaargo

    Blaargo Active Member

    1)I love portal worlds because of the great community and support.Thanks.
    3)Waffles and pancakes :).
  17. Dokornoth

    Dokornoth Well-Known Member


  18. ROOTED

    ROOTED Well-Known Member

    1. The community is just... too good.
    3. Both.
  19. karlpit

    karlpit Well-Known Member

    I like portal worlds's great and umm I like it and it's better than gt :D
    Hope I lose
    This is sarcasm btw
  20. Neoslayer

    Neoslayer Well-Known Member

    I look forward to it. <3
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