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Discussion in 'Ideas & Feature requests' started by iArash, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. iArash

    iArash Well-Known Member

    Hey guys!

    Peanut has an idea!

    How about if all the mods decide who's the best forumer of that week!

    So the winner'll get a 'FOTW Winner' rank beside their own ranks!

    Active Member, FOTW Winner
    AND, they'll get a FOTW Trophy in-game! Unbreakable, which means when you break it, it'll return to your inventory. It's also untradable and undroppable!

    (EDIT 01: Changed 'FOTM' to 'FOTW')
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2017
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  2. Apa Yaa

    Apa Yaa Well-Known Member

    They is still tradable, since they can just sell the world :3
  3. iArash

    iArash Well-Known Member

    Maybe also if you sell a world, the trophy will automatically return to you! But sadly, it helps with scams...

    VOLCANITE Well-Known Member

    You can't get a world key in a world with that trophy. Is that OK?
  5. iArash

    iArash Well-Known Member

    Great idea too!
  6. fangurl

    fangurl Active Member

    This sounds cool. Hopefully they do this.
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  7. iArash

    iArash Well-Known Member

    Me too!
  8. karlpit

    karlpit Well-Known Member

    What's up with you and peanuts? Lol
  9. iArash

    iArash Well-Known Member

    My name is Peanut, my sign is Peanut, my number is Peanut. I just cannot let it go, I just cannot let it go, nah to the ah to the PEANUTCHU
  10. Bulina

    Bulina Well-Known Member

    This idea is amazing! Hope they could do this in the near future :)
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  11. karlpit

    karlpit Well-Known Member

    Your favourite colour is peanut?
  12. iArash

    iArash Well-Known Member

    Heh. Maybe.

  13. Neoslayer

    Neoslayer Well-Known Member

    FoTW please
    FoTM is too long
  14. Pro

    Pro Well-Known Member

    Best forumers awarding with Moderator access. :) but its still nice idea :D
  15. Hinter

    Hinter Well-Known Member

    Great idea Peanut!
  16. Cornier

    Cornier Well-Known Member

    LOL forumer of the month this forums born before 1 month that mean its soo long it will be better if Forumer Of The Week In my opinion btw nice idea
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  17. karlpit

    karlpit Well-Known Member

    Fotw is better tbh
  18. KzAwesome

    KzAwesome Member

    Omg your addiction to peanuts
  19. Possible

    Possible Active Member

    Wow! Thats a greate Idea. Hopefully the devs will se thiz.

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