[Guide] Accepting the punishment

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  1. Mag

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    You may rage, get angry, cuss, swear, or so, but that won't help. I'll list these simple steps that may help you out accepting the punishment.

    [​IMG] Consider why you got banned.
    [​IMG] Learn from your mistakes. Avoid doing that in the future.
    [​IMG] Finding another game to play while taking the punishment.
    [​IMG] Spend more time with family and friends.
    [​IMG] Do hobbies, and with that I mean to draw pictures, play sports and etc.

    [​IMG] Evade the punishment, and this is done by creating a new account.
    [​IMG] Cuss or swear. It won't help, and it will just make the punishment worse.
    [​IMG] Spam the forums or support desk.
    [​IMG] Repeat what you have done. it will get your account punished again.

    I hope this helped you accepting the punishment. Meanwhile, check this thread by @Norman by clicking here!
    If you have any more ways that I can add, please write them down! Everything is much appreciated.

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  2. Triangle

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    This is great, hopefully they can combine this with Norman's post
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  3. Mag

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    We talked about it on Instagram. We will both link each other's threads.
  4. Norman

    Norman Well-Known Member

    Please state why they should view my thread, as I have for you.
    Check it out. :)
  5. Polar

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    Great thread, many people can't admit their own mistakes, nor can they think of what they've done wrong.
  6. Mag

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    Sure I will, in few minutes.
    Thank you for the feedback sir! :)
  7. Roger

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    Pretty cool Mug and easy to understand.

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