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    There are many elements to building a world, and when we use them correctly, I believe we can create an awesome world!

    Theme is very important in a world, you want to have a consistent pattern all through out the world, for example, red blocks + red tiles, white blocks + white tiles. You don't want small segregated sections of the world being made out of a different block which vary all the time, this it unappealing to the eyes and also gives your world that "noobish" look. If you do want to have a section of the world with a different block/background, make sure it a). fits in with the main theme and b). is quite large. Also take into account what the world actually is, so for example if it is an adventure world you might want to use a lot of natural items such as grass etc.

    The most pivotal moment of making a world, is not the actual placing of blocks, but the planning beforehand. Planning is going to be very useful for large scale projects. You don't always have to stick with your original idea however, you can edit parts as you go along. You can use TK69's world planner here.

    Plagiarising someone elses world design is blatantly obvious. Not only does it show that you lack any creative skill, it can cause arguments, fights etc. Make sure you create a somewhat original design for large-scale projects, you can always use parts of someones design, but use them sparingly and appropriately, if the entire world is exactly the same as theirs, it just shows that you haven't put an ounce of thought into the world. On a small scale project, such as a farm, copying wouldn't be such as a problem but still for courtesy you should give the person you copied off from some credit.

    If you just started the game, chances are you do not have the supplies for a grandiose world. Always ask yourself questions like: "do I have all the items for this?" "will I be able to do it by myself or do I need help?" "have I done all that is possible?" when creating a world.


    When you only have a 80 x 65 canvas to play with, you don't want to waste much space! Large empty gaps in a world are not appealing and shows a sign of underdevelopment. Do try and appropriately fill up most of the space in your world, if it's an adventure world you could add another piece of parkour or storyline to the world for example.

    Name + Advertising:

    When you have a world, make sure the world name is appropriate! If your world name is gibberish like "JNIAJNOQOJNPOTATO0101" people will not understand what the world is about, and it will also be a pain to enter. Try and keep your names short and snappy. Advertising also helps your world get known, try making a thread on the forums or mass message to get your world out there!
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    Good guide, thanks!
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    Experienced builder o_O
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    Btw nice guide dude :D That theme guide is so true haha (dont use many colors at your world)
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    Happy to help :^). And yeah, the colour thing is very true. I don't want to enter into a world and get a seizure...
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    TL;DR and I found out it was made by @Sinner. Lol just kidding.

    He definitely is!

    check out his world STRAWBERRIES
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    Good guide. I like orginality guide. but its wrong sub forum. Dm to @Jimi or @Pikalugia to move your thread to "Tips & Tricks" sub forums. :D
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