How to correctly go about removing locks. [GUIDE]

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    It has been stated by Jake that they will be removing the locks outside of the white door, but there is a requirement.

    - You need to have locked the entrance portal so they know that others couldn't get outside and place locks. (This proves that you have locked the world from the start and nobody could just walk outside and place their locks.)

    It should look a little like this:

    However, if your lock looks likes this, and the other persons lock is on the far outside, they will not remove your lock as they had to of gotten outside the entrance to place their lock as shown below:
    other players lock.jpg

    Okay, so if the locks are around the same area/close to the entrance portal you can now start writing an email to
    In this email, please provide the world, the amount of locks and of course, your username.
    They will then reply within 48 hours regarding the issue and the lock removal.

    - Norman :)
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    If anybody has anything to say/any feedback, please feel free to comment. :)
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    Could you give me the link "where" he said want to remove locks ? Im curious :3
  4. Norman

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    I made this a while ago, time to bump this. ;)

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