How to Get ready for Global Release? [GUIDE]

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    Hello guys. You know Global Release is coming.
    That means ;

    -More Players coming.
    -More Items & Events coming
    -More Scams.

    -More Players : that means you can be a friend with thousands of players!

    -More Items & Events : that means you can get tons of unique items or enjoy at new events.

    Scams : that means you need to avoid yourself from the scammers. Dont trust if someone asking you to "DROP" your item or asking you to do "TRUST TEST". Also beware new coming scam tricks.


    Its really easy! Just follow these steps!

    -Buy all unique items as you can!

    -Lock all rare named worlds!
    -Make rarenamed accounts!
    -Farm everything to get tons of gems and keep it for future!.
    -And hello wls! :D

    -Make many Cool and Creative world before global release!
    -Help to New players. (Added :)@Hinter)
    -Try to buy V.I.P and Get tons of wls!
    -Be a friend with everyone and help them anytime! [DONT BE A FAKER]
    -You can be a youtuber too!
    -Try not to show-off and being rude (Added :)@SEAF)
    -Now you are Popular person! ;)


    Many scammers coming after the global release. You need to follow this steps!

    -Dont trust if someone trying to sell you something for really cheap IN WORLD.
    Its dangerous :/
    -Do not drop your item in a public world.
    -Do not trust if someone asking you to do a "Trust test". Its the most dangerous scam trick!
    -Dont play casinos or other gambling games.
    -If you see a scammer , then report him to Any staff member on forums or Email to!

    So guys. This is my guide to how to get ready for the GLOBAL RELEASE!. If it helped , dont forget to comment! :)
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  2. SEAF

    SEAF Moderator Staff Member

    *- Try not to show-off and being rude
  3. Hinter

    Hinter Well-Known Member

    -Try to help the newbies!
  4. BuggyClown

    BuggyClown Well-Known Member

    no one helped me when i was a newbie...
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  5. Pro

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    i know that feeling dude. we are BETA testers. and many people coming after the global release. We need to help them to make the game and community better. maybe we can destroy scams!
  6. Pro

    Pro Well-Known Member

    Added :)
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  7. Yus

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    I like this guide <3
  8. Pro

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    Ty. I just bumped this guide for it :D
  9. Recheh

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    You can actually become popular also by Just making giveaways and being supportive on the forums.
  10. Todon

    Todon Well-Known Member

    I don't see any useful info here + you just need to be rich and advertise yourself in order to be popular.
  11. Ovid

    Ovid Well-Known Member

    Yea, when u are in forums, other forumers notice you in game to.
  12. Pro

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  13. LMO

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    Add this — "Make friends as more as possible.", " Drink hot chocolate it's will help 100%", " Have fun and don't care about anything!","Call your parents to play this game, i pay 1 wl they won't(Challenge accepted!?)."
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    Ahahahaha! :) :) :)
    *Screenshoted* XD
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    Slow down with the guides man. Lol.
  16. Pro

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    this is my old guide. Check date :)
  17. Pro

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    I just tried to make a guide.
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    Nice guide <3 i'm a Potato
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