How to help Developers to make the game better? [GUIDE]

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    Hello everyone! :cool:
    Thanks for reading my guide. ;)
    Lets get started! :)


    To make this Game and the Community better , we need to help to developers!

    Follow this steps to help to Developers!

    1- Try to find unknown bugs! : If you find an unknown bug , then report to "". Its the best way to help to developers :).

    2- Try to help everyone "in game or 4forums" : If you help someone. Devs no need to help him. That means devs can work more! Its good way to Help developers!

    3- Try to suggest Really Helpful Items&Features : This is one of the best way to help devs and community.
    If you suggest really good idea to fix a problem(s). Then devs gonna add this feature or item!.

    4- Try to hunt and report the scammers :
    If you find a scammer , then report him to Staff/Mods on forums or email to "". This is really helpful way to find "Secret" scammers.

    5- Be nice : Yes, just be a nice person. Its easiest way to help Devs and the community.

    6- Be yourself : Another easiest way. Just be yourself and dont do something wrong.

    7- Good reviews [Idea by @Jake ]

    You can also go and give us a positive review in google play store or iOS app store. That also helps us a lot. :)

    8- In-app purchases (IAP) : The best way to help developers is IAPs. You need to pay real money for Gems n Vips. !
    (Totally i bought 500k gems and 3 diamond vips [no show-off] ;) :)]

    So guys thats how to help devs to make the game better!
    If you help enough, devs gonna make you a MODERATOR!. :)
    If my guide helped, dont forget to comment! Bye :)
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  2. Bulina

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    This guide is helpful, it explains how to help the comunity, by helping the devs.
    Good job dude :)
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  3. Pro

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    Np. im gonna make more guides soon :)
  4. Todon

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    You are just helping them by playing their game.
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  5. Pro

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  6. Metalwire

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    I don't think it's necessary to make a guide but it is a good point to bring up. Just have fun in their game, something out of the ordinary, just contact them, easy peasy:)
  7. iArash

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    Yup yup, you got Peanut's seal of approval! (OUGH OUGH OUGH)
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    ROOTED Well-Known Member

    Nice easy guide :)
  9. Pro

    Pro Well-Known Member

    Thank you :D
  10. Demonilee

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    That's a detailed guide you got there @Pro ,

    I think you may want to put "Be one with Pixel Worlds and may the force be with you."
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    Well, thanks for create guide.
  12. Pro

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    Np. i hope my guide helps
  13. Polar

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    All about common sense, tbh.
    Cool that you're trying to help out the community, anyways.
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  14. Tyler

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    Yep! basically use common sense. ;) Nice guide.
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    Thank you :)
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    Thank you polar :D
  17. Pro

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    Thats true. (sorry for late reply) :)
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    [Added 6th way]
  19. Pro

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    Bump (for newbeginners)
  20. Icyfrost

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    Financially help the game;

    1) In-app purchase
    2) Watch ads

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