How to help Developers to make the game better? [GUIDE]

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  1. Pro

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    Hello everyone! :cool:
    Thanks for reading my guide. ;)
    Lets get started! :)


    To make this Game and the Community better , we need to help to developers!

    Follow this steps to help to Developers!

    1- Try to find unknown bugs! : If you find an unknown bug , then report to "". Its the best way to help to developers :).

    2- Try to help everyone "in game or on forums" : If you help someone. Devs no need to help him. That means devs can work more! Its good way to Help developers!

    3- Try to suggest Really Helpful Items&Features : This is one of the best way to help devs and community.
    If you suggest really good idea to fix a problem(s). Then devs gonna add this feature or item!.

    4- Try to hunt n report the scanmers :
    If you find a scammer , then report him to Staff/Mods on forums or email to "". This is really helpful way to find "Secret" scammers.

    5- Be nice : Yes, just be a nice person. Its easiest way to help Devs and the community.

    So guys thats how to help devs to make the game better!
    If you help enough, devs gonna make you a MODERATOR!. :)
    If my guide helped, dont forget to comment! Bye :)
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  2. Bulina

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    This guide is helpful, it explains how to help the comunity, by helping the devs.
    Good job dude :)
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  3. Pro

    Pro Well-Known Member

    Np. im gonna make more guides soon :)
  4. Todon

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    You are just helping them by playing their game.
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  5. Pro

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  6. Metalwire

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    I don't think it's necessary to make a guide but it is a good point to bring up. Just have fun in their game, something out of the ordinary, just contact them, easy peasy:)
  7. iArash

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    Yup yup, you got Peanut's seal of approval! (OUGH OUGH OUGH)
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    ROOTED Active Member

    Nice easy guide :)
  9. Pro

    Pro Well-Known Member

    Thank you :D
  10. Demonilee

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    Detailed guide, I think you may want to put "Be one with Portal Worlds, both game and community." ;)
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  11. LMO

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    Well, thanks for create guide.
  12. Pro

    Pro Well-Known Member

    Np. i hope my guide helps
  13. Polar

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    All about common sense, tbh.
    Cool that you're trying to help out the community, anyways.
  14. Tyler

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    Yep! basically use common sense. ;) Nice guide.
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  15. Pro

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    Thank you :)
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  16. Pro

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    Thank you polar :D
  17. Pro

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    Thats true. (sorry for late reply) :)

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