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  1. xSHANEx

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    What is Mentors?
    This is a group of players dedicated to help newbies or players in need of assistance with advice, possibly small donations, and much, much more.

    We will have lots of events such as spleef, sumo, and a few custom games I will be creating. This is to offer ways for players to win small prizes and have fun.

    Can I join?
    Of course, we are willing to accept people who would like to help bring our mentors program to life. Please reply below and join the team.

    To keep things organized and under control we have ranks. Here's how they work.

    Senior Mentor:
    These mentors have access to the entire world, they will supervise the players in the world and all members. They can promote a mentor to a higher rank, demote a member if needed and kick people from the team. This rank is given to dedicated and trusted members, I may pick a few players with this rank to start off but after that we will be choosing people who are trustworthy of the position.

    These are mentors who have passed the trial rank and know how to handle all situations respectfully and responsibly. They maintain a professional look and are willing to help at any time. They have access to the world lock but not to storages, donation areas, and other members rooms. They can host events, help players in the world, and supervise Trial-Mentors to make sure they are being trained correctly so they can eventually become a full Mentor.
    We will pick a few people to start off with this rank.

    Trial Mentors:
    These are new mentors, they have access to their room and a few events. They do not have access to the world lock, they are still in the process of being trained by Mentors and Senior Mentors so they can be promoted to the Mentor rank. This is the first rank received, Senior Mentors will decide when you get promoted.

    Where is our world:
    We are located in the world MENTORS.

    Just like every other place, organization, or team we have rules set to make sure the mentorship program is under control. Let's go over them.
    • Always maintain a positive attitude when in the Mentors world or on the forums.
    • Keep negative comments or opinions to yourself. We like nice and friendly individuals to represent us as a team.
    • Do not scam, grief others, or be disrespectful to any players.
    • No bigoted or racist talk is allowed under any circumstances.
    • Confess to your mistakes, we know everyone makes them and if you can accept that you made a mistake and tell us we will be more reasonable with you.
    • You must know and follow all game rules, this ia pretty obvious but I need to make sure it's clearly stated.

    Strike System:
    Like I said earlier, we know everyone makes mistakes and if you can admit to your mistakes we will be reasonable with you. We go by a strike system before any actions are taken. Every Mentor starts off with no strikes, everytime a rule is broken we will give you a strike. If you reach 3 strikes we may take action, this could include a kick from the team, demotion, or a talk with a senior mentor depending on the situations.

    If caught lying or scamming we will not even use the strike system, you will be kicked from the team immediately.

    List of Mentors:

    How to get your signature tag:
    Copy and paste the coded text into your signature, it will work. If it does not contact @xSHANEx
    Mentor Tag

    Trial Mentor Tag

    PM shane for a senior mentor tag, he will give you the code. Using the wrong tag will result in a kick from the team. Please use your correct ranks tag.

    Clicking these tags will take you to the thread. Please wear them to show your support.

    How to report a mentor:
    Since we are growing rapidly, it opens up the door to see mentors make mistakes. I am the founder of this group so I will be the one to make sure everything is running smoothly. Obviously, I do not have the ability to watch all of the mentors 24/7, this meaning there is a possibility that something can go wrong, if you find a mentor breaking the rules above or any in-game rules please send me a screenshot in a private message of the chat logs or action showing proof of the rule breaking. Action will be taken depending on the situation, for example don't expect an immediate kick from the team because a mentor said something rude.
    You have to understand that everyone makes mistakes and has bad days, this is no reason for a mentor to break the rules and I am not sticking up for them doing so... But I am just stating that nobody is perfect. I will personally talk to the individual that is breaking rules. Even if you see that they were not demoted or kicked does not mean action was not taken, don't forget about our Strike System.

    Please make sure you send a Private Message not a post.
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  2. Slack

    Slack Member

    Hey I am interested.
  3. Roger

    Roger Well-Known Member

    Can I help?
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  4. Pro

    Pro Well-Known Member

    I can help everyone. Can i join? :)

    SANTOSO Active Member

    Can i join? Its cool :D
  6. Max

    Max Well-Known Member

    I want to join.
  7. Cornier

    Cornier Well-Known Member

    I want to join
  8. xSHANEx

    xSHANEx Moderator In-Game Moderator

    I'm happy to see a lot of people interested in joining. You are all accepted I will update the list of mentors very soon.

    We are currently in need of magic stuff and small, medium, and large locks. I have a few of each lock and I have 2,000 magic stuff blocks ready but all donations are accepted.

    All of the extra magic blocks after the world is built will go torwards event prizes and donations to newbies. Thanks for all of your support :) <3
  9. Roger

    Roger Well-Known Member

    I got like a 100 if that helps?
  10. Picasso

    Picasso Active Member

    I would totally join, but i have a full plate.
    Building my price world "CASHED"
    and my other world projects.
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  11. Invalid

    Invalid Valid In-Game Moderator

    I can join and help with the supplies.:D
  12. UltraPlayz

    UltraPlayz New Member

    Shane hgere is my username so I can join! The
  13. ACDC

    ACDC Active Member

    this sounds really fun shane great idea
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  14. ACDC

    ACDC Active Member

    Glad to join ;p
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  15. Duck

    Duck Active Member

    can i help?
  16. JaeLalor

    JaeLalor Active Member

    I would like to join
  17. Roger

    Roger Well-Known Member

  18. JaeLalor

    JaeLalor Active Member

  19. MstarPW

    MstarPW Well-Known Member

    Id like to join :D
  20. xSHANEx

    xSHANEx Moderator In-Game Moderator

    Added tags. open the spoiler :), click on the one in my signature!
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