Discussion in 'General chat' started by xSHANEx, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. Starburst

    Starburst Active Member

    @xSHANEx What's with the rooms in Mentors? Also do I get one when I become a Mentor?
  2. xSHANEx

    xSHANEx Active Member

    All mentord have offices, even trial mentors. It's more for fun but they can be used to show players that you are a mentor.

    All mentors and senior mentors can claim their offices tonight since you have access. Trial Mentors get their offices tomorrow, I wanted to let trial mentors get their offices tonight but something popped up in real life and I was busy so I couldn't finish.

    Tomorrow we officially open to the public:)
  3. Starburst

    Starburst Active Member

    Oh, ok! I wish you luck :D
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  4. Dried

    Dried Well-Known Member

    Well, okay then. Your own choice
  5. UltraPlayz

    UltraPlayz New Member

    Hey Shane, when to trials become mentors? .-.
  6. Birdly

    Birdly Active Member

  7. xSHANEx

    xSHANEx Active Member

    When they get promoted @UltraPlayz I explained it in the thread.

    If you are on the mentor list you will have a office. :)
  8. Ovid

    Ovid Active Member

    I'm Trail Mentor, can I get a room?
  9. ACDC

    ACDC Active Member

    Very fast growing project right now, I'm surprised on how many members we have already, any who the world is almost complete all we need is a few more items and I'm sure it will be open soon TY Shane
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  10. xSHANEx

    xSHANEx Active Member


    Yeah, we are basically finished. We are just farming the white tiles we need about 200 more and then the world will be done :),
  11. Sleepix

    Sleepix Active Member

    I don't know if i'm late or what but I would love to be part of this :D
  12. MstarPW

    MstarPW Active Member

    Nope you're not late :)
  13. Sleepix

    Sleepix Active Member

    Lucky me :^)
  14. xSHANEx

    xSHANEx Active Member

    We are officially open. If you are a Mentor please come claim your offices. I'll give everyone 2 days to come and pick a office before they are removed from thw MENTOR list. This is only to get rid of inactive members.

    If something has occured and you cannot log on please send me a PM and you will not be removed.
  15. Scalpel

    Scalpel Member

    Can I be a mentor too? I mean im kinda new and all but I'd love to help out.
  16. Sleepix

    Sleepix Active Member

    Hello, when can I claim my office?
  17. Dokornoth

    Dokornoth Active Member

    I would like to join :)
  18. FIRE

    FIRE Well-Known Member

    Great idea! When I join, I need a mentor(s)
  19. ItsMcGTI

    ItsMcGTI New Member

    Im interested but im poor can i be a moderator? (Altough im VIP) but i like helping newbies
  20. xSHANEx

    xSHANEx Active Member

    I do not choose moderators. I'm not even a staff member, but you and everyone else can be a mentor.

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