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Discussion in 'Ideas & Feature requests' started by SuperFuzy, Jan 10, 2017.


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  1. SuperFuzy

    SuperFuzy New Member

    Those are the following events i'd like to add items to:

    Valentines Day -- Setting LOVE Wings Which Can Help In Finding Friends.

    Halloween -- A Shooting weapon which involves Wolves And Halloween Things

    St.Patrick's Day -- Add St.Patricks Lock Which Can Be Obtained By Combining Multiple St.Patricks's related things
    -- St.Patrick's Skin (Costume)

    Christmass -- Randomly Spawned Christmass Trees That Give People Gifts And Cheering Them..

    Easter -- Easter Bunny Skin (Costume) For Special Editions Of The Game
    -- A Gun With A Shape Of A Carrot That Easter Bunny Eats...

    I Couldn't Remember Of Any Else Events That Could Be In The Game So I've Decided To Express My Opinion About New Items And Events Coming In Portal Worlds...

    P.S - If u read the whole thing..... thank you ( means alot to me )
  2. fangurl

    fangurl Active Member

    I like the carrot gun however for the chirstmas your idea sounds like the gifts that respawn in GT
  3. Fast

    Fast Well-Known Member

    GT doesnt have that anymore
  4. fangurl

    fangurl Active Member

    oh really i didnt know i stopped playing gt but still it would make it look like pw copied from gt just saying
  5. Pro

    Pro Well-Known Member

    Nice idea for Valentine. but ''Love bow'' is more fits.
  6. KzAwesome

    KzAwesome Member

    Carrot gun is like carrot sword in Growtopia like u get the idea it's a gun instead of sword

    ACTIVATED Active Member

    Developers still working on it! This is still beta so,not all future are added to the game.
  8. Fast

    Fast Well-Known Member

    You dig really old threads and bump them

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