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Discussion in 'World showcase' started by Aypifox, Dec 26, 2016.

  1. Aypifox

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    As I say in the title it is the PRE-Opening of Wikitiers! :D

    Why Pre-Oppening?
    It is Pre-Oppening because tons of Blocks are missing for now , Please help by donating blocks! If I am there trade , or then use the Breaking Area to give us a seed or a block!

    What is WIKITIERS

    WikiTiers is a world to see Recipes,Prices,Farmable Blocks and to Trade! but for once we use a totally Original way to Put blocks together , Less lazy that other worlds and Determinate we chose to not do as other (Go on Wiki and copy Tiers) we chose to place blocks in Cmpl(Complexity) So it is easier for you to find how to make the blocks for get this or that Item! We also Made an Easy Design to understand and it is easy to find our way!

    No Clothes?
    The Clothes will be in another world called "Wikitems" but give us sometimes! I still have my Farm and myMain world to do too :D

    I hope you will like my World , Thanks to @LMO @TASTIC @ReikiroGaming for Helping me in this project , Soon I will announce the Official Opening :D
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  2. Freak

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    This is something good. Next time if the website Wiki have missing informations, i'll refer it to your World.
  3. Aypifox

    Aypifox Active Member

    Thanks :D
  4. LMO

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    Finally PreOpening ^^
  5. Max

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    No one gonna visit there is already tons of worlds but gl
  6. Aypifox

    Aypifox Active Member

    I will actually do Broadcasd everyday so I doubt the world stay empty

    TASTIC Well-Known Member

    same me too but not everyday im broke lol
  8. C8l

    C8l Member

    I dont have much stuff lol sorry
  9. ItsMcGTI

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  10. Aypifox

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  11. Yus

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    Sounds awesome, may we collab? I own Price
  12. Roger

    Roger Well-Known Member

    You own price! Woah.

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