PUNCHES (I need help!) Come visit now!

Discussion in 'World showcase' started by Neoslayer, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. Neoslayer

    Neoslayer Well-Known Member

    Is it a good name?
    Anyway, I have a few problems with people not believeing me, calling me a scammer, lag issues, etc.
    I want to play Portal Worlds, but it crashes on PC
    and at my house using my new phone in my hands while playing makes the connection unstable, so I hook it up to the PC via PDA net.

    BUT if I use these forums instead of advertising I feel it would be around just as effective, more or less, than advertising like a skrub.
    If I am in my not as crowded world I actually can play my old phone without too many lag issues.

    so, please, stop by at PUNCHES and help me break. I give prizes by opening the door. We'll start when around 5 or 6 people come.
  2. KingStone

    KingStone Active Member

    Nice,Dont think am greedy,but can I ask what the price is? I will make sure I drop by.
  3. Neoslayer

    Neoslayer Well-Known Member

    I basically open the doors while I'm breaking my stuff.
    The more breakers / breaking speed, the more I open them.
    Buuuuuut it's 4:30 AM and I still haven't farmed all my stuff. Guess I'll try tomorr—Today.
  4. KingStone

    KingStone Active Member


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