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Discussion in 'General chat' started by SEAF, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. SEAF

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    Basically, the General chat is to chat something in the game, discuss anything in the game, Any mistake posting it here, the thread will be moved.

    So in here, you can post such as
    * Asking something in the game ( Not a problem ( report bug ))if you found a bug, report it at Here!
    *Chat or discuss anything related to the game.

    Portal World Forums Rule will still work in any subforums
    Post Appropriately, something that related to negative content and you can be suspended
    - Do not spam!
    - Do not discuss or disclose private messages or Staff Member / Moderator actions.
    - Do not try to impersonate the staffs!
    - DO NOT MAKE ANY DRAMA! Do not trying to post about accusing or something else related. If you thread could make a drama, and your thread will be locked!

    Better not shaming other person or single out the person, this will including making a list of Scammers, stating that he/she/ is a Scammer and anything else that related to shaming.

    If you gonna post anything besides about Portal Worlds, post it at Here!

    Have a great day discussing stuff about Portal Worlds.

    Thread Is updated due Admin changed the Structure of the forum. [ Dec 10 2016 ]
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  2. Mag

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  3. SEAF

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  4. MightyZanark

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    Nice @SEAF! Hope this get pinned and then new comers will know what to post here
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  5. SEAF

    SEAF Well-Known Member

    Thank you.
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  6. Lysda

    Lysda Active Member

    Nice thread bro,this will certainly help stop the spam which should not be on this sub platform!
  7. Acrystic

    Acrystic Active Member

    It's important players devote a bit of their time to choosing the correct Sub-Forum to post in! Nice post!
  8. Ugurss

    Ugurss Active Member

    Thanks.I think we are not going to see threads like "Sorry if i am writing this to wrong sub forum".

    SANTOSO Active Member

    Very Helpful! Keep it up SEAF!
  10. Artling

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    I like this thread! @Jake should see this.
    Thank you SEAF :)
  11. Hammer

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    This is a great thread @SEAF
  12. Eugene

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    Very nice forum this should be pinned to the top of this category!
  13. Roger

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    Great job! Thank you for spending your time to make this hopeful guide seriously xD
  14. Thomys

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    Nice Its help me
  15. Jacob

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    I feel like I don't have to say it, but I will anyways. Awesome post!
  16. SEAF

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    Adding new general rules
    - Do not make any drama.
  17. Zimm

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    Well done!
  18. Medicines

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    I love apples
  19. Cool

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    Well Done GG Keep it up
  20. Shenli

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    My IGN is Shenli.

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