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Discussion in 'General chat' started by SEAF, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. Muzo

    Muzo Active Member

  2. SEAF

    SEAF Well-Known Member

    No Problem bois.
  3. SEAF

    SEAF Well-Known Member

    Thread has been updated
  4. Rug

    Rug Well-Known Member

    Why are you bumping? The thread is pinned cx.
  5. SEAF

    SEAF Well-Known Member

    No. What is the use of bump if the thread already pinned :confused:
  6. Rug

    Rug Well-Known Member

  7. SEAF

    SEAF Well-Known Member

    Since the admin change the structure of the forum.
    The use of General Chat was changed.
    Updated some things.
  8. Gosh

    Gosh Active Member

    This is unpinned for some reason?
  9. SEAF

    SEAF Well-Known Member

    Yep, because the thread hasn't been updated that time.
    People might don't know the thread has been updated.
    So people could post the wrong thing here.
  10. Roger

    Roger Well-Known Member

    You updated inmediately wow nice.
  11. Antarctica

    Antarctica Member

    I have no friends.
  12. SEAF

    SEAF Well-Known Member

    Yep, quick reactions!
    You should get it. ( I know it's not true that you don't have any friends at all, but you should make more friends in the future. :D )
  13. kmitz

    kmitz New Member

    Sup,I'm new to the forums and everything in it so please don't kill me for not knowing somethin:D:)
  14. Ugurss

    Ugurss Active Member

    You can learn the rules by reading the guides etc.
    Btw nice thread @SEAF
  15. SEAF

    SEAF Well-Known Member

    No problem! Anytime.
  16. Kobalt

    Kobalt Active Member

    Good Job! :)
  17. Slack

    Slack Member

  18. GensteR

    GensteR Active Member

    Nice job I wonder why you aren't a mod on the forums!
  19. SEAF

    SEAF Well-Known Member

    I just read today :confused:
    Thanks guys
  20. Mar

    Mar Active Member


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