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Discussion in 'General chat' started by SEAF, Dec 6, 2016.

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    Basically, the General chat is to chat something in the game, discuss anything in the game, Any mistake posting it here, the thread will be moved.
    General Chat is not also to talk about the Forum Community.

    So in here, you can post such as
    * Tell something that is appropriate to the forum. ( Not any bugs/ problem ( report bug ))if you found a bug, report it at Here!
    *Chat or discuss anything related to the game.

    Pixel World Forums Rule will still work in any subforums
    Post Appropriately, something that related to negative content and you can be suspended
    - Do not spam!
    - Do not discuss or disclose private messages or Staff Member / Moderator actions.
    - Do not try to impersonate the staffs!
    - Don't Discuss any Hacks or Exploits or anything similar to. Those are forbidden
    - DO NOT MAKE ANY DRAMA! Do not try to post about accusing or something else related. If you thread could make a drama, and your thread will be locked!
    Do not make any drama will include a forbidden action such as bashing other players/members or singling out. Those are restricted on the forums.

    Better not shaming other person or single out the person, this will including making a list of Scammers, stating that he/she/ is a Scammer and anything else that related to shaming.

    If you gonna post anything besides about Pixel Worlds, post it at Here!

    Thread Is updated due Admin changed the Structure of the forum. [ Dec 10, 2016 ]
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