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  1. xSHANEx

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    I'm extremely glad to say that I now own the world RECIPES, I will do my best to provide you with the latest news and recipes there and expect a remodel very soon. I remember visiting this world as a newbie and I just cannot believe I now own it.

    @Yus is also the new owner of the world PRICE, we will try to provide you with the most updated and correct prices as we can. This world will list suggested prices and values for items.

    I will also say me and @Yus are collaborating together, the worlds RECIPES and PRICE are now a team. @Yus will be the co-owner of RECIPES and I will be the co-owner of PRICE. If any of you have suggestions for either of the two worlds they will be greatly appreciated and considered.

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  2. MstarPW

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    Yes, you should put the blocks that are missing in recipes, i could help if u need.
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  3. Metalwire

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    Good luck, just give me a call if you need help ;)
  4. Skurrf

    Skurrf Active Member

    I wish i could help but i can't until IOS release sorry :C
  5. DOTA

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    I could help you with some decor and recipes I bought a lot of rsp's

    TASTIC Well-Known Member

    Good luck with the world, if you need any items for display for either worlds Ill help donate
  7. Yus

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