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  1. Mag

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    - A world based on my in real life novel -
    Storyline (SPOILER): In a very small village living under the hill, people believe that there is a Harvest Goddess who help controls the seasons. There are four saplings in heaven, Each sapling has its own season. The saplings are based on the villager's happiness, And each sapling has its own growing requirements.

    Every year, People celebrate harvest festival but this year was different for the villagers, The witches have harmed the Goddess on the very first harvest festival dance.

    The mother which sent some witches to steal her necklace during the dance, which was holding her powers and by that, the Goddess decided to live somewhere else away from Villagers. Without the goddess power, all seasons will vanish except winter. You have to protect her now, return her necklace and make the villagers happy to return the seasons!

    The world includes:
    - A thrilling/mysterious storyline.
    - Themes for each part of the story.
    - Parkour based on the trap patterns (Supports player without capes)
    - A haunted mansion.
    - Biohazardous house.
    - A heaven, with a goddess? black shadow? a god? who knows.
    - A mysterious black shadow as a second character that will help you out (Or wouldn't he/she?), and will expose his/her identity somewhere around the world.
    - Mysterious lanterns that will appear somewhere around.

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  2. Pro

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    Wow. im gonna check your world soon. (added your world to my visiting list :D)
  3. Invalid

    Invalid Valid In-Game Moderator

    Good luck:D
  4. Mag

    Mag Well-Known Member

    Thank you both for the feedbacks. I'm pretty sure the majority will like it!
  5. Norman

    Norman Well-Known Member

    Looking good, going to try the world out soon! :)
  6. MstarPW

    MstarPW Well-Known Member

    Looks pretty cool, good luck with the wotw ;)
  7. LMO

    LMO Active Member

    Good luck with it ;)!
  8. Sinner

    Sinner Well-Known Member

    well you beat me to it...

    have fun with your wotw on tuesday :^)
  9. karlpit

    karlpit Well-Known Member

    Lemme see dis place
  10. Archon

    Archon New Member

    World looks cool! Really like it.
  11. Polar

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    The screenshot looks interesting, definitely going to check it out in game later
  12. StyleKid

    StyleKid Well-Known Member

    Saplings for wotw. Opps i mean olaf for wotw. :D
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  13. Mag

    Mag Well-Known Member

    The world has been updated. We are ready for the stream!
  14. Awkward_V

    Awkward_V New Member

    Looks awesome so far keep up the good work
  15. Blaargo

    Blaargo Active Member

    Its great but kinds tricky
  16. Touji

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    Guys how to upload photo cuz my one is transperent and cant ypload :/
  17. Pejuz

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    I like-y dis world. By the way Mag, could we meet up again? I know you've unfriended me but I'd just like to return the lord's cape and the huge lock since I got my first 2 world locks already. Give it to other newbies instead :p
  18. TASTIC

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    I'll be sure to check it out after school:)

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