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  1. Lemings

    Lemings Well-Known Member

    I dont know if this is known. But when you step on a sign skmetines the text glitches out and stays on screen (We know that) but theres a fix! If the world has a blank sign and you step on it the text will go away!
  2. KingStone

    KingStone Active Member

    Yep,there already uploaded a thread about all known glitches.Hope they will fix this.
  3. LMO

    LMO Active Member

    Yes, people and dev team already know about it and work with this.
  4. KingStone

    KingStone Active Member

    Oh forgot that,In game i met Lemings.I told him that the sign is stucked he placed a blank one,he told me to step on me,Then it went.
  5. Lemings

    Lemings Well-Known Member

    Lol guys read what i said XD I said we know about the text glitch but i was asking if you knew stepping on a empty sign would fix it
  6. RikuYT

    RikuYT Member

    The same happens to me except the text just stays on top of my head XD

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