SKILL POINTS For Pixel Worlds!!

Discussion in 'Ideas & Feature requests' started by Neoslayer, Jan 11, 2017.


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  1. Neoslayer

    Neoslayer Well-Known Member

    I think it would be a great idea to have a use for levels.
    You get a skill point for each level you get. You can talk to a specific NPC in a world or just a simple UI in the game, or a block that acts as a shop.
    You can allocate these skill points into:

    • Increase breaking speed (2-4 punches max)
    • Walking speed
    • Increasing of gems by breaking blocks and "Splash Exp"
    • Jump Height (Only by 1-2 blocks)
    • Unlocks special abilities like talking in different colors and buying items that you can't get anywhere else with skill points.
    • Trophies and achievements
    • Change the theme of the daily bonus. (Forest, bonus +25 gems, etc.)
    • The ability to increase the amount of friends you can have (25 isn't good)
    • The max level cap could be increased.
    • Fighting monsters (If that would be added, who knows, maybe monsters can spawn randomly and drop blocks and stuff)
    Also, I think everyone should be able to see others level up because only you can see yourself level up.

    Doing this might be the path to the first Untradeable Items!

    This would really encourage people to farm even more and they would also appreciate their work.
    Collecting gems would also increase level, who knows, maybe leveling up cap would be 999?

    I would appreciate feedback!
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  2. Pro

    Pro Well-Known Member

    Hmm.. thats nice idea :D i like fighting monters. should i fight scammers ? :D
  3. Cornier

    Cornier Well-Known Member

    Good idea but there will be many many many new scams
  4. Pro

    Pro Well-Known Member

    Ya. :(
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  5. Neoslayer

    Neoslayer Well-Known Member

    What kinds of scams do you think there would be?
  6. Badgodzilla

    Badgodzilla Well-Known Member

  7. Neoslayer

    Neoslayer Well-Known Member

  8. Badgodzilla

    Badgodzilla Well-Known Member

    U steal my idea :mad::mad::mad:
  9. Demonilee

    Demonilee Member

    It's an awesome idea @Neoslayer ,

    It might possible if we're able to mock up the design of the user interface and functionality. I support that idea for #skillpoints.
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2017
  10. Neoslayer

    Neoslayer Well-Known Member

    I didn't "steal your idea"
    I never even saw your post until now. Skill points are a common feature in thousands of games. Even though a few of my things are the same as yours it's just a coincidence.
    Trust me; there was no way I could've understood on your post what the word "maining" means, if I wasn't told that I was stealing your ideas"
    I also added more original things in there as well
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  11. Sinner

    Sinner Well-Known Member

    I'd love some kind of skill/abilities system :^)
  12. Neoslayer

    Neoslayer Well-Known Member

  13. LMO

    LMO Active Member

    I have theard like about it before.
    It's cool idea!I feel happy that someone other have same point of view!
  14. Fast

    Fast Well-Known Member

    I LOVE where you can upgrade everything and get better. Really hoping this will be added.
  15. Fireball

    Fireball Member

    It would pressure people to farm not encourage them, theres a good amount of people that gain profit just by trading.

    It would also give out advantages to people in events and giveaways.
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  16. Neoslayer

    Neoslayer Well-Known Member

    Well, things can always be altered to fit one's needs.
    for example, the more important ones like walking faster could be for lower levels.
    Or, you could probably unlock them with other means.
  17. BuggyClown

    BuggyClown Well-Known Member

    im level 116... D: do i have a life or no.
  18. Neoslayer

    Neoslayer Well-Known Member

    Probably not.
  19. BuggyClown

    BuggyClown Well-Known Member

    ur a bully................................................................. look at my avatar to se how sad i am already... d0n make me m0r3 sed. pls pls u pro
  20. Neoslayer

    Neoslayer Well-Known Member

    Mi ken doen8 20,0 gress blok 4 frii

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