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  1. Sinner

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    In a vast, lush sea of never-ending red, underneath the hills and mountains of the world, there lay a little village with a girl and her family. Sally, a simple, sweet farmgirl woke up and she stood in shock and horror at the unexplainable disappearance of her parents. Searching around, she found a little crevice...

    Deep inside was an entire heap of struggle and effort to solve the mystery, but as she says "anything for my parents..."

    STRAWBERRIES includes:
    + a challenging, but fun parkour!
    + a large maze
    + an interesting storyline
    + a mysterious dungeon...
    + a wizards lair...
    + a winners room (or is it a prison?...)​
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  2. Jimi

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    Moved straight to the right sub-forum :^)
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  3. Pejuz

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    This is the one of the best worlds I have ever seen, ma friend. It certainly has the right music to it, looks cool, great storyline and everything. I think this should win the next WOTW title without a doubt. Good luck :] (P.S: You won't need it)
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  4. LMO

    LMO Active Member

    Good luck with it!
    Hope your world will be awesome ;)!
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  5. Sinner

    Sinner Well-Known Member

    you're too kind, peejuice ;^)
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  6. Yus

    Yus Well-Known Member

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  7. Jellyo

    Jellyo New Member

    noice wurld name
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  8. Triangle

    Triangle Active Member

    I got 5 fire traps and some more wooden platforms Sinner :)
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    ROOTED Well-Known Member

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  10. Mar

    Mar Well-Known Member

    My Birthday is Jan 17th... I'll be 18. :D
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  11. Sinner

    Sinner Well-Known Member

    Added a brief description to the thread.

    BTW, if anyone has red tiles, please contact me :^) (I'm 75% of the way done covering the world in red tiles and your donations will help me build quicker!)
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  12. Snow

    Snow Active Member

    Wotw quality world for sure! :) i will donate u all of my red tiles but i am still looking for it by opening as much seed packs;)
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  13. FIRE

    FIRE Well-Known Member

    Mm, I sure do love strawberries. Sweet world!
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  14. Triangle

    Triangle Active Member

    Strawberries for nextweek!
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  15. Todon

    Todon Well-Known Member

    Since it's not completed I can't really say anything. Bottom looks like its finished, looks good. Above of the world should be filled, it feels so empty when you are on above.
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  16. Sinner

    Sinner Well-Known Member

    Ah, you see the top part of the world with the 'huts' are supposed to represent the countryside and so I didn't put any red tiles there so people can see the world background.
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  17. Todon

    Todon Well-Known Member

    I'm interested to see the world finished, hurry up please :D
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  18. Olcay Yurtseven

    Olcay Yurtseven Active Member

    After chilling in your worlds for a while I eventually went to kitchen and ate strawberries!
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  19. Sinner

    Sinner Well-Known Member

    I just need red tiles and I'm finished :^)
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  20. trde

    trde Well-Known Member

    Congrats and good luck nub, we can talk more about it on kik okay?
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