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  1. Acrystic

    Acrystic Active Member

    Below you will find the information that can be posted in each of the sub-forums so you do not post incorrectly. Reply if anything needs to be fixed! Click HERE for the forums operation manuel.


    Announcements- This information comes directly from the developers’ fingers, therefore members cannot post here. Open up this sub-forum for reliable, and accurate information.

    Topics written here can vary, some of these topics include:



    -Declarations/Important Announcements


    Update and events- Would you like to know what kind of updates, and events are coming up within the future? Then be sure to open up this sub-forum for updates, and events straight from the developers’ fingers!

    Topics included can vary, but some include:

    -Updates within game in near future

    -Application Updates (Previous, and Future)

    -Events coming up


    World Showcase- Have a world you want others to see, or possibly even nominate for World of The Week? Post here!

    Things to be sure to include when sharing your world:

    -Name of your world

    -Picture to go with your world

    -Any other necessary information that’d attract the public

    Please note that buying/selling worlds threads should be posted here!


    Ideas & Future Requests- What features would you like to see in the future? Be creative! The Developers accept all ideas

    Appropriate topics for this forum include:

    -A new item you want to be created

    -A new feature you’d like to see implemented into the game


    General Chat- General chat speaks for itself. Try to keep your conversations related to Portal Worlds here!

    Appropriate topics include everything you’d like to speak about Portal Worlds that don’t fall under any other sub-forum, please keep it clean, and appropriate.

    If you are unaware of the rules, please click here!

    Please Note, if you’d like to post things unrelated to the game, post here!


    Youtuber’s Hideout- Once again, title speaks for itself, anything related to making/creating/viewing YouTube videos goes here!

    Appropriate topics for this forum include

    -New channel/video you’d like to advertise

    -Other channels you may enjoy


    Tips & Tricks - Title speaks for itself. Have any tips and tricks you’d like to share with the public? Post here!

    Appropriate topics for this forum include

    -Q & A’s


    -Tips to make the game easier/more fun


    Worlds - Want to buy or sell a world? Post here!

    Appropriate topics for this forum include:

    -A world you may be selling

    -A world you are interested in buying

    Please note that showing off your world should posted here.


    Items - Have any items you’d like to buy or sell? Post here!

    Appropriate topics for this forum include:

    -Blocks you may need or be interested in buying

    -Items you are selling/buying


    Known Issues- Issues the developers’ have already discovered are posted here!

    Please note, DO NOT post about new bugs/issues, message Zak!


    Report a Problem- Any problems/bugs you want to notify the developers’ about? Post here! Read below for important information!

    Appropriate topics for this forum include:

    -Any issues with game items

    -Glitches/Bugs that will not threaten the games safety

    Note: Any exploits/bugs MUST be reported to Zak. DO NOT create a thread!


    Help & FAQ- Post here if you need help or would like to help others!

    Appropriate topics include:

    -Questions you’d like to be answered

    -Help with a game issue

    Please note, Tip & Tricks should be posted here.


    Off Topic- Do NOT post here unless you are 100% SURE it doesn’t fit under any other sub-forum. Improperly placed threads will be deleted or moved.

    Note: This sub-forum is not for starting drama, nor launching an attack on fellow members of the community, stay positive! Any threads consisting of inappropriate/disrespectful content will be REMOVED IMMEDIATELY!
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  2. Epicwolf

    Epicwolf Well-Known Member

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  3. Acrystic

    Acrystic Active Member

    Thanks bud.
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  4. iHelper

    iHelper Active Member

    Nice guide, this can help new members! :)
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  5. Acrystic

    Acrystic Active Member

    Thanks Bud! I hope it does so!
  6. Roger

    Roger Well-Known Member

    This guide is pretty useful for new players, I had to figure them out for myself, but knowing theres a guide it will really help players
    Have a wonderful day
  7. Acrystic

    Acrystic Active Member

    Thanks a ton! You have a wonderful day too! Thanks for the reply!
  8. Gareth

    Gareth Active Member

    Woah Thats Alot of Information. Thats Awesome.
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  9. ChardGrey

    ChardGrey Member

    Pinned ! Goodjob thanks for info .
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  10. Acrystic

    Acrystic Active Member

    Thanks a ton mate! :D
  11. Acrystic

    Acrystic Active Member

    Thanks a lot! :)
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  12. Freak

    Freak Moderator Staff Member

    You should also add "if you spot anyone thread in the wrong sub-forum, do request @Zak/@Jake to kindly move it into the right sub-forum."
  13. Acrystic

    Acrystic Active Member

    Good suggestion, I will do it ASAP.
  14. Acrystic

    Acrystic Active Member

    Going to update the thread now!
  15. Pikalugia

    Pikalugia Senior Moderator Staff Member

    WOW. This thread went from 100 views to 600 views so fast! Great work :)
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  16. Acrystic

    Acrystic Active Member

    Very nice of you to keep track! Shows you really care! Nice job on your thread too! ;)
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  17. Pro

    Pro Well-Known Member

    Nice guide :)
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  18. Acrystic

    Acrystic Active Member

    Thanks mate.
  19. Yus

    Yus Well-Known Member

    Oh noo haha, im 3,8% of 100% who choosed something and just my vote is at the youtubers hideout xD :c
  20. _TheLegend_

    _TheLegend_ Well-Known Member

    Cool guide! Other players really needs this guide.
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