The best farmable prices, xp, gems, breaking, and more.

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  1. Kaylee

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    This is going to be an updated Thread listing the most popular/best farmables out, including their prices for seeds and blocks, their xp per tree/block, the gems gained per WL spent, and anything else suggested. All info is welcomed, and will be added. If I don't have anything listed, feel free to leave a post telling everything you know. I would like to make this the "go-to" thread for anyone trying to get richer.

    - Bling Bling Block -
    The Prices - 110-120 Blocks per WL / 30-40 Seeds per WL
    The Gems - 110 Blocks will yield 400-500 gems every 19 hours 15 minutes
    The Breaking - 110 blocks will take 1320 punches to break
    The XP - 2 XP per Block, Not Sure on Trees

    - Candy Cane Block -
    The Prices - 600-800 Blocks per WL / 200 Seeds per WL
    The Gems - 800 Blocks will yield 800-1600 gems every 9 hours 1 minutes
    The Breaking - 800 Blocks will take 4000 punches to break
    The XP - N/A Will update when I find the amount for trees and blocks

    - Scifi Background 1 -
    The Prices - 200 Blocks per WL / 100 Seeds per WL
    The Gems - 200 Blocks will yield 200-400 gems every 6 hours 59 minutes
    The Breaking - 200 Blocks will take 1000 punches to break
    The XP - N/A Will update when I find the amount for trees and blocks
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  2. Neoslayer

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    Glowsticks break certain blocks faster. Shorts words do the opposite. If you didn't read the other post, I'm just informing.
  3. Helt

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    Wow that's great to know :O. That's so useful ! Nice job! Thank you, I was struggling with those famrabbles. Only thing to choose now. Is bbb ore candy cane block's and where could I buy them. Hehe.
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  4. BuggyClown

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    scifi bg i think its 200/wl and seeds are 100/wl also punches are same as ccb
  5. Kaylee

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    ^ Updated, thanks

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