The enchancer potions.

Discussion in 'Ideas & Feature requests' started by Halloween, Nov 30, 2016.

  1. Halloween

    Halloween Well-Known Member

    I want to see this game differently from growtopia. Just in it's beta stage, im already hooked to this game in a few hours than the thousands of hours I've spent on the original.

    My idea is the ecnhancer potion.
    This game does not have those pickaxe that makes you break faster or the shoes that make you run faster. I want to see this game put in original ideas. I suggest the enchancer potion! The potion varies from different types like speed, strength and luck. Speed like the air robinsons, strength like a pickaxe and luck of a clover. The potion rans out in an hour but they can be affordable in the shop for 500 gems. Well, this is just my silly idea.

    Goodbye amigo.

    - Halloween.
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  2. Olli

    Olli Member

    Good idea
  3. Zidz

    Zidz Active Member

  4. Halloween

    Halloween Well-Known Member

    Bumping my first thread!
  5. iArash

    iArash Well-Known Member

    Woosh, the game is legit a combination of Minecraft and Growtopia. XD
  6. Skurrf

    Skurrf Active Member

    great idea! :D
  7. fangurl

    fangurl Active Member

    i love this idea it makes portal worlds more unique
  8. Apa Yaa

    Apa Yaa Well-Known Member

    500 gems huh? I guess newbie gotta suffer

    TASTIC Well-Known Member

    I think it should be more than 500 gems like 700+or more for 1 hour, ifs it 500 VIP can get 2 of those a day if they are lucky enough. That way it is apart from how much VIP gets daily. I do like the idea though

    VOLCANITE Well-Known Member

    Wish that it's combined with Pokémon! XD
  11. iArash

    iArash Well-Known Member

    It'll make this game better and better.

    VOLCANITE Well-Known Member

  13. Bulina

    Bulina Well-Known Member

    It's an good idea! It would be a totally differenr game from growtopia.
  14. BuggyClown

    BuggyClown Well-Known Member

    but i dont think it should be from shop, nor it should be that cheap.
  15. Pro

    Pro Well-Known Member

    Nice idea dude. but pickaxe is already in game. but not released! i think it will be released after global release :D!
  16. Halloween

    Halloween Well-Known Member

    Bumping this old thread to kickstart more creative ideas base on this.
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  17. iArash

    iArash Well-Known Member

    Wait, I posted this?
  18. Malfiaz

    Malfiaz Member

    Lol too bad for the"newbie"
  19. Malfiaz

    Malfiaz Member

    BTW this idea is cool if it really have
  20. Malfiaz

    Malfiaz Member

    But maybe if they add it and put some duration -->forever according to the gem it use to buy the thing
    Sry if u don't understand what I say: D

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