Update 0.942

Discussion in 'Updates and events' started by Jake, Jan 9, 2017.

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  1. Jake

    Jake Administrator Staff Member

    A lot of bug fixes!

    - Facial expressions getting stuck fixed
    - Sign text should no longer get stuck
    - You should no longer be able to get a 3rd roll in daily bonus world (and the spin should no longer get stuck)
    - Daily bonus availability indicator in Worlds menu should now show correct time
    - Player should be able to reset item slot size back to default
    - Slider menu item icon and name text should no longer overlap
    - Game rules texts should now be correct size on different resolutions
    - World owners can again kick/ban visitors using the world lock.
    - Options menu or Shop should no longer appear empty
    - Different world lists (Active, Recently visited, Favorire etc.) should no longer be randomly missing
    - Chat bubbles should be the correct size again
    - Menus that could not be closed should again be able to be closed (eg. Player info)
    - Metal platform growth time fixed

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