Welcome To PRICE! The Official Price World of Portal Worlds since the beta! 24/7 ~Yus

Discussion in 'World showcase' started by Yus, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. Yus

    Yus Well-Known Member

    Hello Pixel Gamers! :)

    Im online everyday which means the prices are up to date! 24/7

    The world name is PRICE as you can see in the title, it's easy to remember :)!

    Also here is a quick screenshot of the world:

    So, whenever you dont know item prices, take a look at PRICE ;)!

    Direct Message me if you have any questions :)!

    Price is collabrating with the world RECIPES.

    ~Yus :p
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  2. iWork

    iWork New Member

    Nice Yus, Keep it Up. Only am kinda jealous of you.
  3. BuggyClown

    BuggyClown Well-Known Member

    YES to yus! thank god, the owners before barley updated. (or i havint seen them update)
    edit : i can help be admin, im online everyday, i think im trust worthy and im level 100+
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  4. Yus

    Yus Well-Known Member

    Bump ;)

    ROOTED Well-Known Member

    Bump for Yus
  6. Pro

    Pro Well-Known Member

    I can be an admin :D
  7. IMxR

    IMxR Well-Known Member

    Don't be so worked up. There are tons of World like PRICED that are a little Well-Known.
  8. Yus

    Yus Well-Known Member

    Bumpy Trump
  9. Todon

    Todon Well-Known Member

    You could place those random BBB blocks with something else, something more flashy and I think the background dosen't match the world at all. (This is my opinion, I don't try to crticize your world)
  10. IMxR

    IMxR Well-Known Member

    I recommend you remove "The Official Price World of Portal Worlds" because it is not yet a fact. It sounds like your opinion.

    ACTIVATED Active Member

    Nice gems :D
  12. iArash

    iArash Well-Known Member

    Awesome world there! I love it!
  13. fangurl

    fangurl Active Member

    Awesome world. If you need help with the world, I can help you.
  14. Lewius

    Lewius Member

    Looks like the world is coming along great. I can't wait to see how much of a success it becomes!
  15. Berkayxoo

    Berkayxoo Active Member

    Hey yus, Is the world for sale? If yes I offer dpixies and wls and fcape!

    If not, I wanna help you with the prices im HD1P.
    You know meh, : ).

    ~ HD1P.
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  16. Gosh

    Gosh Active Member

  17. Yus

    Yus Well-Known Member

    Its not for sale, sorry.
    Also i dont know you.
  18. Berkayxoo

    Berkayxoo Active Member

    Does that mean Im a scammer? I was selling my darkpixies for gt wls.. a while ago, and I quited u can ask my friends, Zimm, Revon & Batsu. Bytheway, Im playing portalworlds again and saw its illegal I made an account on the forum..
    Im gonna mail the admins to delete that, and tell them what was going.

    - HD1P
  19. Berkayxoo

    Berkayxoo Active Member

    And Yus, u know me.. xd
    I think u forget me cuz it was a while ago.. ;-/

    - HD1
  20. Yus

    Yus Well-Known Member

    Nope im 100% sure that i dont know you.
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