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Discussion in 'Ideas & Feature requests' started by Commander_K, Dec 3, 2016.

  1. Commander_K

    Commander_K Administrator Staff Member

    We have all kind of loading texts as you likely have noticed. From "shama lama ding dong" to "Engage!" and even the Pokemon GO joke.

    Can you come up with a cool text? Fun? Informative? Even... philosophical?

    If so, write it to this thread and we'll choose a few of them to add into the game in one of the future updates!

    We'll close this thread when we feel there's enough of entries ;)
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  2. Mag

    Mag Well-Known Member

    • We are watching!
    • Send an email to for help.
    • Mission aborted, Commander!
    • *Wears shades* / *Places shades on*
    • Did I hear some talkings? It's your friends!
    • Portal worlds, Wee-hee!
    • Thanks for playing
    • Wrong!
    • Hey, YOU! this way!
    • Here you go!
    • Portal Worlds time!


    • Remember to create an account!
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  3. SEAF

    SEAF Well-Known Member

    Scammers Scam is very true.
    Hmm... Let me see what would be great on the loading screen.
    Here is my opinion.
    - Your screen is loading
    - What does this green bar do?
    - Portaloading.
    - FIRE!
    - Filling Mana

    That is what I got so far.... Adding more later on.
  4. Freak

    Freak Wikia's Husky Wikia Moderator

    What's 9+10?
    Jake and the beanstalk
    Commander_k, NO SIR!
    Banning account. Ha jokes its banned already. Just a prank xD
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  5. Turk

    Turk Member

    Hmm what about this 'You can Only get 1 Daily Bonus in 1 Device just saying so our Cunning players wont waste their time'.
  6. ggaming

    ggaming New Member

    My ideas:D

    Remember have fun!
    Christmas is close...
    Friends are waiting for you!
    Relax and play:D
    Be active...

    .... lol my ideas...
  7. Fabulous

    Fabulous Well-Known Member

    Deleting you account....
    Preparing for launch in 3
    Commander, we have a problem
    This. Is. PORTALWORLDS. (300 joke)
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  8. CrypTyqq

    CrypTyqq Member

    Lag don't make us violent, Scammers does
  9. Pest

    Pest Active Member

    Oh.. Ma.. God..
    Get Hyped!
    Dirt is the Best than others.
    Trust the people you trust.
    This game is Fabulous!

    Thats all ik xD
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  10. Icyfrost

    Icyfrost Active Member

    Maybe you should add admins/moderators joke!
    "Sexy gorilla Commander_K."
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  11. CrypTyqq

    CrypTyqq Member

    Loading Moderator's account
  12. Huskin

    Huskin Active Member

    My ideas:
    Daily tip: Watch adds to earn 75Gems for FREEE!!
    Exercise? i thought you said extra fries. :eek:
    I'm always watching you...
    abort mission!!
    A galaxy far, far, far, far, far away....
    May the gems be with you
    When nothing is going right, go left.
    If cinderella's shoe fits perfectly, then why did it fall off?
    How does a train eat? chew... chew...
    Did you know that portalworlds is a game!? :eek:
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  13. Piglet

    Piglet Active Member

    -What?!? Detected hacked items in inventory!
    -We're watching you (Seriously).
    -You're a game addict, take a break!
    -Get ready to get shwifty! (Rick & Morty joke)
    -Roses are red, violets are blue, you were scamming, now we're watching you.

    Just some of my ideas :p
  14. Max

    Max Well-Known Member

    "Did you took your daily bonus today?"
  15. Pest

    Pest Active Member

    "The Game Crash Sorry.. come back later"
  16. buildific

    buildific Active Member

    Got some ideas for the loading text!

    -- launching the nuke...
    -- it's the final countdown...
    -- back so soon?
    -- loading asset 0/15 ...
    -- wassup!
    -- get ready...
    -- the dirt is free!
    -- ahhhh.... will that green bar ever fill up?
    -- LOOK BEHIND YOU !!!
    -- congradulations with winning 1,000,000 gems!
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  17. Zocke

    Zocke Member

    Beep beep...
  18. Zarvin Heruwin

    Zarvin Heruwin Well-Known Member

    These Rap Just For Fun Dont Take To Serious okay Enjoy:D.

    Commander_K : Ah Nah You Aint Ready Man uh, Man We Dont Want To Go Firts (Thats Lot Of Like, um,
    What's That Stuff Man? Its A Whole Lot Of That Pressure!

    Moderator : Alright Jake Go First

    Jake : Joke, Woke, Float, Boat,
    Cloak, Soap, Goat, Promote

    Rat, Tat, Fat
    Jack, Hat, Splat

    FlapJacks, KnapSacks, Fat Cat

    Member : Wooooooooooooooooo!!!

    Commander_K : You Rap?

    Jake : Check Me Out 2x
    Jacket,Glasses,Shirt Man
    jacket To Keep Me Hot
    Shirt To keep Me Cool
    Glasses.. To See u LOSE!!!

    Commander_K : I got Glocks I got Glocks I got Glocks I got Glocks
    bust shots I bust shots I bust shots I bust shots POP POP POP
    Goes To The Weasel
    I'm hotter than the Beatles
    (The Beatles *was* pretty hot)
    (He's got Glocks, he does)
    (He's got two of them)

    Jake : I'm About To end This Man Rap, Bam Boom bada bat boom pop
    pop boom bam, KA-BLAM, *Pop*
    (But Im Not A Black)

    So Who Win The Rap Reply Down Below:D

    If Theres any Word Mistake Im sorry
  19. _TheLegend_

    _TheLegend_ Active Member

    Of course, Red Horse!

    WTF?! It means Welcome To Finland

    Loading? WTF! I mean Well Thats Fantastic!
  20. MarkAngelo

    MarkAngelo Active Member

    "Please wait, I'm hacking your account.."

    "Just keep waiting, waiting and waiting.."

    "Did you know, Portal Worlds is a game?"
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